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With Average Ability and Supreme Effort, All Things Are Possible

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Sampling of Amazon book reviews:

* A remarkable life…forged by focusing on core principles that are readily accessible.
Marty Devlin is a treasure. I heard about this neighbor who had been a national tennis champion, but until his book came out, I had never really gotten to know Marty well, Reading this book changed everything. He is so accessible and authentic and hungry to share his principles with the world. The book was so enjoyable both for its incredible stories, but also for its functional second part, where  he goes into detail about the principles and strategies for implementing them. I was fortunate enough to interview Marty recently for my podcase [link is above]: The Life Lessons Collective, and the conversation was fantastic. As for the book, transparency demands that I admit I did not buy it through Amazon, so it won’t show up as a verified purchase. I just walked up the block and bought copies for myself and my kids directly from Ol’ Buddy Marty.  I highly recommend you read this inspiring book.

* Loving this book – as a 19 year old working with him daily 35 years ago, Marty changed my life and guided me with his affirmation to succeed. It’s funny, I am trying to still learn from his wisdom. Love the book.

 * If you can’t spend time with Marty, then this book is the next best thing. A mental sports guide, as well as a spiritual guide for general well being. Get the book and spread positivity and love. It’s damn funny, too!

Hey Ol' Buddy!

Marty Devlin has lived a unique while unmistakably American life. In his memoir, Ol’ Buddy Marty recounts experiences from his fascinating and multifaceted life as sports star, coach, innovator, and motivational speaker. He lives the values with which he was raised, which reflects the best America has to offer. Marty caught and rode the wave of growth in the fields in which he worked and played—professional baseball, tennis, college athletics,the business of sports—and contributed to them his uncommon passion and vision. 

“May my story inspire you to have a positive attitude and continue to have the desire, belief and confidence to take on new challenges.”

Marty Devlin with son, Butch
Marty Devlin
Marty Devlin Trenton Schroths
Hearing about Marty’s life story and his perseverance in sports was remarkable. I hope that one day when I am 83 I am able to live with just as much excitement and happiness that he does.

MC, Rider University, New Jersey

Listening about how he turned nothing into something was amazing and the fact that he did it over and over again was special. Leaving the class that night I had a different perspective on work ethic and attitude.

BR, Rider University, New Jersey

Not a day goes by that I don't hear your voices and words of wisdom as I move through my day. We all will continue to work to attain your level of excellence.

Director of Ambassador Program at Mt. Snow, Vermont

In all my travels, I have yet to encounter or work with a person who can match the raw enthusiasm, the dynamic energy, and the positive impact that Marty Devlin generates during his presentations.

USPTA, Alabama

Marty continues to amaze me. He had an audience of 90 to 100 Texas (tennis) teaching professionals on the edge of their seats.

DL, Texas

Did you know?

Marty’s physical stature didn’t come close to that of a world-class athlete and he had difficulty in school early on in his life, but he succeeded at a high level in sports and ultimately in any endeavor he took on.

Marty has been honored for his varied achievements in sports and in the community, including by his induction into six sports Halls of Fame.

Marty takes on challenges that most people wouldn’t even consider with his zest for life and confidence in his ability to solve problems.

Marty Devlin, Ski Ambassador with Ski Patrol Buddy, Bill Holmes at Mount Snow, VT
Mount Snow, VT

Marty Devlin, Ski Ambassador with Ski Patrol Buddy, Bill Holmes

Marty (right) and Siblings sitting on diving board at Trenton Country Club
Trenton Country Club

Marty (right) and siblings

Dodgers, Marty Devlin at Third Base

Marty Devlin at Third Base

Marty Devlin with daughter, Tara and son, Kyle

Marty Devlin with daughter, Tara and son, Kyle

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