Marty’s physical stature didn’t come close to that of a world-class athlete and he had difficulty in school early on in his life, but he succeeded at a high level in sports and ultimately in any endeavor he took on.

  • Marty left school to follow his dream of playing professional baseball—and then returned and earned a bachelors and master’s degree in health and physical education. He coached sports, become a tennis clinician, and developed a college intramural athletic program.
  • Marty made it all the way to AAA, one step from the majors. His manager with the Elmira Pioneers (Dodgers Org.), Ray Hathaway, said of Marty, “I wish I had nine players there like Devlin.”
  • As player–manager for the Orlando Dodgers, Marty was the youngest manager in professional baseball.
  • Marty started playing tennis at age 36 and just 12 years later was the top ranked American player in the nation in his age group within the USTA.
  • As a member of the ski patrol for 35 years at Mount Snow, Vermont, Marty brought 350 injured skiers down the mountain.