Superhuman Feats

Marty takes on challenges that most people wouldn’t even consider with his zest for life and confidence in his ability to solve problems.

  • George Washington crossed the Delaware. Marty swam down the river, fromWashington Crossing to Trenton, to join his family at his parents’ house for dinner.
  • Marty not only flew in the Dodger plane, he flew it! Bump Holman, the pilot turned the controls over to him for a time while ferrying Marty’s minor league team from Spring Training to Greenwood, Mississippi.
  • After a severe bout with hepatitis while in the Army, Marty amazed the Dodger brass when he went to Spring Training at Dodgertown where he worked on his hitting technique since the illness left him with little strength.
  • Marty built a wall along his house on the Delaware by retrieving huge rocks from the bottom of the river.
  • “The Swamp” is the tennis court Marty built with his own sweat, a little help from machinery, and support his friends and his family.
  • For a number of years, Marty lived in a blue Ford van he converted into a home where he slept, cooked, ate, and entertained guests.