If you’re making up your Holiday list…put Marty’s book on it!

Many of you have been looking for book news, so here’s an update. Marty’s book will be heading to the designer this week to be prepared for publication. This means you can plan on it for your holiday shopping. While we don’t have a publication date yet, it will likely be around December 1. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer. 

I was brought on board by Marty as book editor after Ann LoPrinzi worked with him to develop a draft of the memoir. I’m glad they found me.

One of the early times I went to the Swamp to meet with Marty about the book, he had 3 or 4 boxes waiting for me – boxes of memorabilia, photos, and loads of newspaper clippings from the time Marty first began to appear in the sports section (and a few times on the front page) of the Trentonian and the Trenton Times. Over time, these boxes began to multiply, with newspaper clippings and photos from all over the country and beyond. Mary Ellen provided many more photos (just one way she has supported the project), and soon I had in my possession a veritable archive. It was overwhelming trying to grasp the scope of Marty’s life, and I’ll admit to being stumped at times as to how to move forward. I had no template for working on a book like Marty’s. I’ve also not worked with anyone who’s been more fun to engage in this process.

When I first met Marty, my impression was that he was someone who was so busy living his life (10 lives for some!)  he hadn’t had much time to reflect on it. When he would look at some of his achievements, he’d say, “I can’t believe I did that!” — and mean it. Working with two editors, Marty has always kept his sense of humor, as Ann LoPrinzi and I have walked the line between doing the work of an editor and retaining Marty’s voice. In the end, Marty began taking on the revision process himself.

I’ve worked with many authors from many walks of life. I can confidently say that there’s no one who has thrown himself more into learning the craft of writing than Marty. Marty is the first one to tell you that he’s a “principles man” — well, I gave him a few of the principles of good writing and off he went, applying himself to bringing out more details in a story, to elaborate on what he knows to be true. 

It’s been a long wait, but I’m confident you’ll find it worth it. You’ll learn about Marty’s early life in Trenton, his path in professional baseball, his legacy at Rider University, and contributions to Prince tennis, and his principles for success and happiness. More important, I hope you’ll feel in reading Ol’ Buddy Marty the energy, motivation, inspiration, positivity, joy, and humor that is Marty. 

The book will be available on Amazon, but we hope that those of you in the area will purchase the book directly from Marty. Soon we will announce how to get a copy.

As much of a marketing mind Marty has, he’s liable not to “push” the book. But I will. Ann LoPrinzi will. And I expect you will after you’ve had a chance to read it. I’m giving copies of the book to friends and family to let them know what I’ve been up to the past number of years, but also because I want them to have the privilege of knowing Marty, a privilege I am very grateful for. 

More Important, enjoy it! Marty wrote this book to tell his grandkids who “Pop Pop” is—I think many more people will want to meet or get reacquainted with Marty through his memoir.

Cathy Kreyche