Radio Appearance

It’s been five months since Marty’s book came out. Although the initial crush subsided, he continues to get requests to purchase books, invitations for book signings, and offers for lunch meetings and speaking engagements. Add all this to his normal schedule of teaching tennis, playing golf, cooking, home maintenance, and, yes, naps, Marty is one busy guy. Recently, he appeared at Hopewell Tennis & Swim Club. He loves events like that when so many old acquaintances show up to chat. Ol’ Buddy’s biggest challenge is managing his time and taking care of health issues. But it’s all good!

The next book item on Marty’s agenda is an appearance on a radio show. On Friday, September 22, he will be Michael Ivankovich’s guest on WBCB, 1490 AM, 9:30 am. The show is called “What’s It Worth?” Even though Ivankovich is an appraiser, there are an assortment of varied and interesting topics and guests on his show. The radio station is primarily sports oriented, with sports personality Merrill Reese as the general manager. Ivankovich manages nine web sites. Here is the one pertaining to his radio show:

Ivankovich was a student at Rider (also on the tennis team) when Marty was the athletic director.

“Everyone looked up to Marty Devlin,” said Ivankovich. “When I saw he wrote a book and he still teaches tennis at 90, I reached out to him. Marty is a legend. We’ll talk about his book, about sports, and whatever he wants to talk about.”

So mark your calendars for September 22 and tune in to 1490 AM on your dial.

Ann LoPrinzi