Where Is Marty’s Book? An Update

Everyone’s eager to get Marty’s book in their hands. While it won’t be out before the holidays, it will be available soon after that. If you’re giving it to friends and family (as Ann LoPrinzi and I are), your gift will be a little late. I do think you’ll agree that it is worth the wait!

The book is currently in “page proofs.” This means it looks close to what you’ll see when you read it. We are going through the necessary rounds of corrections, and the book will be available when that process is completed. 

For people who live near Marty, we’ll be announcing events where you can purchase the book. The official book launch event will be held at the Mercer County Tennis Center; there will likely be additional events to follow. For others, it will be available on Amazon.

Marty and Mary Ellen send their good wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season.

P.S. Look for Marty’s next newsletter, which he’s authored, on Monday.

  • Cathy Kreyche

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  1. Karen Chadwell

    We’re looking forward to seeing you at a book signing event, Marty! Chad will look for Mary Ellen at the Crossing, too. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Karen, “Chad” & James

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