Marty Thanks You, and Reminds You!

This is a reminder that the first of Marty’s book appearances is this Saturday, April 29, 1:30 – 4:00 pm at the Princeton Public Library, Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ. Marty is participating in the library’s Local Author Day. If you plan to stop by, note that parking is either paid street parking or a nearby parking garage.

The official launch party is Wednesday, May 17, at Mercer County Tennis Center in Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. He invites everyone to come by, even if it’s just to say hi. 

Ol’ Buddy Marty was just published last week. It’s been nine years since Marty started writing the book, and it has been very exciting to bring it to fruition after all this time. Marty wants everyone to know how blown away he is by the response so far. Not only are people buying Ol’ Buddy Marty, but they’re reading it, sending messages, and early reviews are that people are enjoying it immensely. Even the people who didn’t believe he could write a book.

Marty has gotten many messages and tries to respond to as many as he can but has limited knowledge on how to do that. He’s a “technological buffoon.” Those are his words!

What that means is that Marty relies on Mary Ellen to show him emails and texts, and he doesn’t even know how to send messages. There’s so much activity, he says he needs a full-time secretary. That’s Mary Ellen, of course, and she deserves just as many accolades for helping manage Marty’s emails, phone calls, and social media.

Ol’ Buddy Marty thanks everyone for supporting him. Know that he gets the messages and would love to hear from readers about the book. Comments. Questions. Whatever. And he hopes to see you all somewhere along the line